Sue and Martyn's Portfolio: Blog en-us (C) Sue and Martyn's Portfolio (Sue and Martyn's Portfolio) Fri, 14 Nov 2014 09:59:00 GMT Fri, 14 Nov 2014 09:59:00 GMT Clumber Park in Autumn Our intention was to head for Lincoln on a steam train photography trip but we thought it would be well worthwhile to call in at the National Trust property in Clumber Park. It’s a good location for a bit of wildlife photography down by Clumber Lake where the swans, ducks and geese gather hoping for easy pickings from any visitors.

Clumber ParkClumber ParkCanada Geese

There’s also a pleasant walk back through the woods to the visitor centre. Old tree stumps are covered with bird seed tempting a variety of  woodland birds down from the surrounding trees to take advantage of some easy food. Of course the resident grey squirrels don’t mind helping themselves too.

Clumber ParkClumber ParkAutumn

The bright autumn sunshine made for some excellent photographic conditions and a few that were just downright difficult.

Clumber ParkClumber ParkOur visit on 09 November 2014 Cormorants

Our full set of photographs can be found here.

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A Short Visit to The East Lancashire Railway We decided on making a second visit to the East Lancashire Railway. Last year we visited their autumn steam gala on a rather wet Saturday afternoon. This year the forecast wasn’t much better but we hoped the rain would stay away.

We were looking for some different views away from the station at Ramsbottom where most of our shots were taken last year. As a compromise we decided to start at Ramsbottom then move on to Summerseat and finally visit Burrs Country Park. The rain arrived by mid afternoon and we headed for home.

Our portfolio of pictures can be found here.

Autumn Steam Gala 19 Oct 2014Autumn Steam Gala 19 Oct 2014Burrs Country Park

East Lancashire Railway Heritage Railway Tue, 21 Oct 2014 13:04:00 GMT
Visit to RSPB Fairburn Ings - 16 October 2014 A break in the previous dew days of miserable weather gave us a lovely sunny afternoon. 

It was just perfect to tempt us into paying a visit to our nearest  RSPb reserve at Fairburn Ings.

It was very picturesque in the autumn sunshine and as usual we left with lots of photos to sort through. Our favourites are posted here.

RSPB Fairburn IngsRSPB Fairburn Ings

RSPB Fairburn Ings Mon, 20 Oct 2014 17:45:18 GMT
An October Visit to RSPB Old Moor Our photos of our visit to RSPB Old Moor have now been added to our portfolio.

Old Moor 10-Oct-2014Old Moor 10-Oct-2014

Golden Plovers had arrived in their hundreds but kept well out of close up camera range so all our photos of them were taken on maximum zoom.


Golden Plover RSPB Old Moor Tue, 14 Oct 2014 11:26:08 GMT
In Search of Some Reds On Thursday we visited the National Trust property at Formby in Lancashire. Visiting our local RSPB reserves we normally end up photographing grey squirrels as these photogenic little creatures make the most of the free food on offer. Formby has the much rarer red squirrels and we decided on a visit to see if we could spot some.
Pine WoodlandPine WoodlandNational Trust - Formby, Liverpool, Lancashire
The squirrels have their own walk “Formby Red Squirrel Walk” but the property has walks through the woodland and sand dunes down to the sea. Our walk took us through the pine woodlands planted up in the 1800’s and past small fields where asparagus was once cultivated. The woods turn from pine to deciduous woodland known as Nicotine Wood. In the 1950’s and 1960’s thousands of tonnes of tobacco leaf waste were dumped here. 
Nicotine WoodNicotine WoodNational Trust - Formby, Liverpool, Lancashire
The woodlands give way to more open ground before reaching the sand dunes and eventually views of the beach and the Irish Sea.
Irish SeaIrish SeaNational Trust - Formby, Liverpool, Lancashire
After a walk along the beach we headed back to the main “Red Squirrel Walk”. There were lots of reds about but they don’t sit still for long and you have to be very quick on the shutter release button if you don’t want a blur of red fur as you chosen subject heads up the nearest pine tree. 
Red SquirrelRed SquirrelNational Trust - Formby, Liverpool, Lancashire
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Starting Out We've taken the plunge and opened a Zenfolio account to host our best photographs on the web.

We've both started adding our best pictures to our portfolio. It will take us some time to master this new web site and complete our home page and get a suitable system set up to view our photographs. We don’t really want to wait until all our photos are uploaded as the process will be as long as a piece of string so clicking on the link will take you to our home page where you can view photos we have already uploaded. 

Harlow CarrHarlow CarrAugust 2014

We've started by adding photographs of Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) gardens mostly taken at Harlow Carr in West Yorkshire, England.

Along with this collection we are adding images of birds taken at various Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) reserves as well as the garden birds taken in our own garden.

GannetsGannetsRSPB Bempton Cliffs

As we update our images we'll try to post some blog updates too.

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